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Adopting SPDY in LINE – Part 2: The Details

by ナミル on 2014.3.18

Introduction In a previous post,* we gave an overview of how we came to adopt the networking protocol “SPDY” for use with the messaging service offered on LINE. This time we would like to go into detail about the various features that SPDY has to offer. *Adopting SPDY in Line – Part 1: An Overview,

Adopting SPDY in Line – Part 1: An Overview

by Christopher on 2013.1.11

We are constantly striving to improve the user experience of Line. Given the nature of Line as a communication tool, one way to do this is to reduce the time it takes to send and receive messages. Making the connection to our servers more efficient is one way to accomplish this. Until recently, Line had been using HTTP to transmit messages. HTTP, well known for its use in web browsers, has its strengths and is well understood. It has its downsides as well, however. Simply put, HTTP was not designed for the types of real-time applications we see nowadays. HTTP is based on a simple request/response model: you send a (…)

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