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Results From the LINE Bug Bounty

by LINE Engineer on 2015.12.17

Preparing the Bug Bounty Program Hello. I am MJ, a LINE security engineer. In this post I would like to share the results of the 2015 LINE Bug Bounty (August 24-September 23). As our first ever bug bounty program, we are very pleased with how well the program came together. The core objective of the program was to discover and fix potential vulnerabilities in our services so that our users can enjoy them safely. Several departments lent us a hand in preparing the program and we could not have done it without them. What we needed the most during preparation was support from management and enough members to prepare the (…)

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New generation of safe messaging: “Letter Sealing”

by LINE Engineer on 2015.10.13

Hello, my name is JI and I am working at LINE as a security engineer. People might have wondered how safe mobile applications are. Message security is surely something most of you have thought about before. As we are centered around mobile messaging, all the engineers at LINE do take extra care to make our app even safer. But when companies are asked about how safe their message transfer process actually is, not many mobile messaging app companies are able to clearly explain about their security. Today, I proudly present the newest security feature called “Letter Sealing.” A new feature added in version 5.3.0 of LINE. Safe delivery of messages (…)

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True Delete

by LINE Engineer on 2015.8.13

Hello, I am H2spice. I work in security development here at LINE. This post will cover how your data can be leaked if your mobile device is stolen, and what we at LINE are doing to prevent that: a new feature called “True Delete.” There are many instances where people lose their mobile devices, or leave their devices unattended in places where anyone can access them. Many serious problems may arise if someone else obtains your mobile device and gains access to the information inside. Devices like your smartphone contain information such as call records, messages, contacts, schedules, browsing history, navigational data, photos, memos and so on. Information leaks like (…)

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Introducing the LINE Bug Bounty Program

by LINE Engineer on 2015.8.5

Hello. I am MJ from the LINE Security Department. In this post, I would like to announce the details of the LINE Bug Bounty. What is a bug bounty? Companies use bug bounty programs to strengthen their services and products by rewarding users that can find vulnerabilities in them. Many companies have used these programs to take a more active role in strengthening the security of their services. LINE has grown as a global company that now provides services to more than 2 hundred million active users on a monthly basis. The number of products and services have increased, and so have the number of users that require protection. We (…)

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