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Analyzing Large Amounts of Security Data With Spark, Mesos, Zeppelin, and HDFS

by LINE Engineer on 2015.6.3

Hello, we are WJ and KH and we are in charge of game security development at LINE. A massive number of players play LINE Games at any given time, and that is why quick issue analysis and response can be difficult. With the large increase in LINE Game players and users from abroad, many instances of abuse (profiting through unauthorized actions) are being observed. Abusing the system affects other players that are playing the game by the rules, while also directly affecting the game itself. Responding to these abuses as quickly as possible is crucial to keeping the game stable, and to protect players that are playing the game as (…)

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The 7 Ways of Counting Characters

by LINE Engineer on 2015.3.11

Hello, I am SJ, an engineer working at LINE. In this post, I would like to talk about counting characters. There are many places in various LINE services where the number of characters must be counted such as profile or group names, and status messages. Counting the characters on-screen is important for several reasons. The text must not be shorter or longer than necessary, and storage capacity must be allocated accordingly. As LINE is used worldwide, it is crucial that string length can be precisely calculated for various languages. One day, we encountered an issue where emojis would be counted as 2 when they should count as 1. Originating from (…)

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LINE BusinessConnect: Error Detection and Notification Using Fluentd and Norikra

by Yoichiro on 2014.9.11

My name is Yoichiro, and I work in the Technology Strategy Department here at LINE. Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog. Today we’ll be introducing the system we use for the error detection and notification process for the gradually growing service “LINE BusinessConnect.”

The Technical Side of LINE Business Connect

by Yoichiro on 2014.5.23

My name is Yoichiro, and I work in the Technology Strategy Department here at LINE. We really appreciate everyone out there reading this blog. In today’s post, we’ll be talking about all the juicy details of the technical side of LINE Business Connect, a new service released recently. About LINE Business Connect First, let’s talk about what LINE Business Connect actually is. At the core, this service is an official account that allows you to respond to messages automatically by using a program.


by LINE Engineer on 2014.5.8

急増するLINEインフラの課題と対応 こんにちは。今回はITサービスセンターより、インフラ運営の観点から急増するLINEインフラの課題と対応について記させていただきます。 はじめに 先日開催したLINE Developer Conference(インフラ編)には大勢の方にいらしていただきました。カンファレンスでは、LINEサービスが始まってから約2年の間に我々はどういった方法でインフラ運営を行い、またどんなことに悩んできたのかを、システム、データベース、ネットワークの観点からそれぞれ発表させていただきました。

LINE Serverの開発とリリースプロセス

by minsu on 2014.3.24

皆さんお元気ですか?LINEサーバー開発室でサーバ開発を担当している崔珉秀と申します。 この記事ではLINEのサーバーの開発とリリースプロセスについて述べたいと思います。 LINEの開発者はどんな形で開発しているのか、サービスに変更事項をどのように適用しているのか、お互い協力してより良い開発環境を得るためにどんな努力をしているのかをお伝えする機会になったらいいなと思います。

Adopting SPDY in LINE – Part 2: The Details

by ナミル on 2014.3.18

Introduction In a previous post,* we gave an overview of how we came to adopt the networking protocol “SPDY” for use with the messaging service offered on LINE. This time we would like to go into detail about the various features that SPDY has to offer. *Adopting SPDY in Line – Part 1: An Overview,