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LINE Developer Day 2016 recap

by LINE Engineer on 2016.9.29

Hello, this is Momoki from the LINE Developer Day preparation committee. LINE Developer Day has always been a gathering place for sharing various technological experiences and global challenges and trends, and LINE Developer Day 2016 has just successfully come to a close. You’ve shown us a great amount of support by registering for the event, so much so that we could only invite a few that were selected from a draw. We regret that we could only invite about 1000 of you to the event but we thank you all for showing tremendous support all the same! At LINE Developer Day 2016, our engineers talked about our chatbot tactics, along (…)

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Results From the LINE Bug Bounty

by LINE Engineer on 2015.12.17

Preparing the Bug Bounty Program Hello. I am MJ, a LINE security engineer. In this post I would like to share the results of the 2015 LINE Bug Bounty (August 24-September 23). As our first ever bug bounty program, we are very pleased with how well the program came together. The core objective of the program was to discover and fix potential vulnerabilities in our services so that our users can enjoy them safely. Several departments lent us a hand in preparing the program and we could not have done it without them. What we needed the most during preparation was support from management and enough members to prepare the (…)

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Introducing the LINE Login Platform

by LINE Engineer on 2015.7.24

LINE publicly released its Login Platform on June 30, 2015, allowing other services to take advantage of its robust features. In this article, we look at the details of the newly released LINE Login Platform. We are also pleased to introduce the LINE developers site to the public. It’s packed with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the technical side of LINE, so check it out to see all of the features the platform has to offer! What is the LINE Login Platform? The LINE Login Platform lets developers who create mobile apps and web applications offer a way for users to log into their apps using their LINE (…)

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A Special Announcement from LINE

by LINE Engineer on 2015.4.1

The coming summer of 2015 marks the fourth anniversary since we have first announced the LINE mobile messenger app. Since its initial launch, LINE has gathered an overwhelmingly large number of users. Over the years we have also provided many LINE Family Apps to enable users to communicate by sharing pictures, playing games, keeping up with the news, and design wallpapers. To us, ensuring that users have an optimal mobile experience is one of our top priorities.


by LINE on 2014.8.1

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by LINEセキュリティセンター on 2014.6.26


LINE Security – Simple, Safe, Secure

by LINEセキュリティセンター on 2014.3.11

  Greetings, this is the LINE Security Center. LINE has grown into a global messaging app enjoyed by people from all around the world. We are proud to say that LINE not only offers incredible ease of use, but also a secure environment where users’ information is kept safe and secure.