Introducing the LINE Login Platform

by LINE Engineer on 2015.7.24

LINE publicly released its Login Platform on June 30, 2015, allowing other services to take advantage of its robust features. In this article, we look at the details of the newly released LINE Login Platform. We are also pleased to introduce the LINE developers site to the public. It’s packed with everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the technical side of LINE, so check it out to see all of the features the platform has to offer!

What is the LINE Login Platform?

The LINE Login Platform lets developers who create mobile apps and web applications offer a way for users to log into their apps using their LINE account. There are already many mobile and web apps out on the market that utilize the login features of the LINE Login Platform. In this article, we will take a closer look at Popcorn Buzz and LINE STORE to see exactly how they use this powerful platform.

Popcorn Buzz: LINE Login Platform for Mobile Apps

Popcorn Buzz is a free app for Android and iOS which provides a group calling service that lets users talk to up to 200 people at the same time. Developers usually use a screen like the one shown below when integrating the login feature into a mobile app like Popcorn Buzz. The login screen displays a “Log in with LINE” button that calls the login feature of the LINE Login Platform the moment the user taps it. If the user has the LINE app installed on their device, it automatically takes them to a second screen where they are asked to confirm that they want to log in with LINE. The login process is over before the user has a chance to blink. The superior login functionality offered by the LINE Login Platform leads to a better overall user experience on many apps the world over. 1 続きを読む »

Improving Call Quality On Popcorn Buzz, A Multi-user Call Service

by LINE Engineer on 2015.7.2

We are IG and JN, and we work in the mobile VoIP development department at LINE.
In this post, we would like to talk about what we have done to improve the call quality on the newly launched Popcorn Buzz.


Popcorn Buzz is a group call service that enables up to 200 users to call simultaneously over the internet. Popcorn Buzz users will be able to gather in a virtual space like the one you see below. They will be able to talk to each other, or even hold large-scale conference calls and such.


< Figure 1: Popcorn Buzz service diagram >

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Analyzing Large Amounts of Security Data With Spark, Mesos, Zeppelin, and HDFS

by LINE Engineer on 2015.6.3

Hello, we are WJ and KH and we are in charge of game security development at LINE.

A massive number of players play LINE Games at any given time, and that is why quick issue analysis and response can be difficult. With the large increase in LINE Game players and users from abroad, many instances of abuse (profiting through unauthorized actions) are being observed. Abusing the system affects other players that are playing the game by the rules, while also directly affecting the game itself. Responding to these abuses as quickly as possible is crucial to keeping the game stable, and to protect players that are playing the game as intended.
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LINE DEVELOPER DAY_2015 Videos and Slides

by LINE Engineer on 2015.5.14

Hello, my name is K. I was in charge of organizing this year’s conference. As announced in the LINE DEVELOPER DAY_2015 Tokyo Announcement « LINE Engineers' Blog post, the LINE DEVELOPER DAY_2015 conference was held on April 28th, 2015.

There were so many people that signed up for the conference, we could not invite everyone. But thanks to all the engineers that showed interest in the event, the conference was a huge success. We would like to express our sincere gratitude!
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Choosing Video Codecs and Optimizing Options in B612

by LINE Engineer on 2015.4.30

Hello, I am HT and I work in B612 for Android development. B612, which is named after the asteroid B-612 from the novella “the Little Prince,” is the world’s first selfie app to feature pre-filtered selfie and 3 or 6 second collaged video capture. In this post, I would like to discuss the process of creating an MP4 file by making a video collage using MediaCodec in B612.
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Apple Watch – A completely new horizon

by LINE Engineer on 2015.4.24

Hello, my name is Roy and I work in LINE iOS development. With the recent release of Apple Watch, I would like to introduce the features of Apple Watch, and how it was like developing LINE for Apple Watch.

Introducing Apple Watch

Apple Watch was first unveiled on September 9th, 2014 as “one more thing” following the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Pay. It will be available in three different versions named Watch, Watch Sport, and Watch Edition with a choice between a 38mm or 42mm watch face. Apple Watch will be able to track the user’s movements, as well as receive notifications from an iPhone. An SDK was also released so that third parties could develop for Apple Watch as well. 1 Apple Watch comes equipped with a display that supports Force Touch, and a Digital Crown that is used to zoom the display in or out. The side button below the Digital Crown launches Friends, giving you access to all of your contacts. On the bottom is the sensor, capable of detecting the heart rate of the user. Inside Apple Watch is the built-in speaker and Taptic Engine, which will alert users with sound or haptic feedback whenever they receive a notification. 2Apple-Watch-Heart-Rate-Sensor-337x400
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A Special Announcement from LINE

by LINE Engineer on 2015.4.1

The coming summer of 2015 marks the fourth anniversary since we have first announced the LINE mobile messenger app. Since its initial launch, LINE has gathered an overwhelmingly large number of users. Over the years we have also provided many LINE Family Apps to enable users to communicate by sharing pictures, playing games, keeping up with the news, and design wallpapers. To us, ensuring that users have an optimal mobile experience is one of our top priorities.

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